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Barbhag College is a Study Centre of Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University (KKHSOU)

Information Cell

The College has an Information Cell, formed as per the provisions of the Right to Information Act, 2005, with a designated PIO and APIO. The principal is the final appellate authority.


Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Barbhag College, was established in 2003 with a view to undertaking and monitoring internal quality initiatives in the college. The cell has its own internal quality audit mechanism and largely functions as per guidelines of NAAC and UGC.

Anti-Ragging Committee

There is an Anti-Ragging Committee in the College.The committee works for checking of ragging in the college and takes punitive measures,if needed,against an offending student.Any student of the college can lodge a complaint -verbal,written or over telephone,against an offender.The telephone no. for this purpose is (03624)283417.

Grievance Redressal Cell

The College has a Grievance Redressal Cell with an efficient grievance redressal mechanism for quick and effective redressal of grievance of its students and employees.

Student's Union Election

To contest in the election for the different portfolios of Barbhag College Student's Union, the candidates, Proposers and supporters must have at least 60 percent attendance in classes. Students both from the 1st year and 2nd year degree course may contest in the student's union election, but those who have already completed one year in any portfolio will not be allowed to contest for the 2nd term.

Ranger Team

The College has a Ranger Team which is being run in accordance with the rules and regulations of Bharat Scouts and Guides. The Principal Concern of this Ranger Team is to give lessons of team work, discipline, punctuality, and unity and integrity to the students. To make the students understand the value and importance of morality and peace is another objective of the Ranger Team.

National Service Scheme(NSS)

The College has an NSS Unit and the main objective of the NSS is to involve the students in some social activities and thereby creating an awareness among the students regarding social responsibilities to the nation.

Asomia Sahitya Chora,Barbhag College

The Barbhag College Asomia Sahitya Chora is a literary unit the main purpose of which is to create a congenial atmosphere among the students so that they may involve themselves in different literary activities. Moreover, to find out literary talents of the college is another important objective of the chora.

Nature Club

It is a cell working for promoting environmental education among the students and local public, organising sensitization meetings, seminars, workshop and conducting plantation programmes and environment related activities.

Other Features

1. Modern Computer Lab. cum E-Resource Centre.
2. Conferance Hall with up-to-date Facilities
3. Intensive Academic Guidance to students
4. Extra-curricular Activities
5. E-resource and Network Resource Centre
6. Scouts and Guides
7. Alumni Association
8. Economically Backward Students' Aid Fund
9. Career and Counselling Cell(UGC sponsored)
10.Periodic Health Check-up
11.Health Awareness Programme
12.Equal Opportunity Centre(UGC Sponsored)
13.Students' Grievance Redressal by Grievance Redressal Cell
14.Extension Education Unit.
15.Publication Cell
16.Canteen for Students and Teachers
18.Sufficient Sports Infrastructure and Equipments.


1. Students' Union Body.
2. Barbhag College Unit of Assam Science Society
3. Economic Planning Forum
4. Political Science Forum
5. Platform for Socio-Economic Development,Barbhag College(P.S.D.B.C)
6. Nature Club
7. Red Ribbon Club

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